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Why should I hire a private investigator?

We find information concerning your particular case.  Our information provides evidence for court or any other matter you have questions about.
To do surveillance, what information is needed?
During consultation we have a form that is filled out detailing descriptions of persons, vehicles, residences, businesses and any other vital information than will help your case.  Photographs are a necessity.  Our surveillance activities will provide an accurate report and video for the courts, if needed.  A copy is provided for you and your attorney.
What kind of notice is needed to start an investigation?
It is difficult to start an investigation immediately.  Research has to be done on the person(s) and places that are involved and then proceed with a plan to start.  A lot of client's money is wasted when an investigator does not prepare properly.
How confidential is the information you obtain?
The complete process from consultation with the client to infinity is confidential.  Cases are not discussed outside the agency.  We are a professional organization and our reputation is what makes us in demand.
How do I know the private investigator I hired is professional and honest?
You may call the North Carolina Private Protective Services (919-662-4387) and ask questions concerning an individual private investigator.  All the PIs licensed by the state are re-licensed every year and new criminal histories have to be obtained before the renewal date.  If there are any charges, the license will not be issued.
How much does an investigation cost?
It depends on your particular case and how time consuming it is.  Most investigators charge by the hour.  Concerning information obtained from surveillance, it is hard to estimate how much it will cost due to all the human factors involved.  You never can anticipate what someone will do.



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